Young People ‘ Want To Be Taught About Cyberbullying ’

There is a considerable amount to condense into the curriculum at every level of a child’s education, but as the world around us changes – and in particular with the technological developments we’ve experienced in recent years – it stands to reason that there will be new things that children want to know about.

A survey to mark 2018’s Safer Internet Day recently revealed that 72 per cent of young people would like to be taught about cyberbullying and how to manage friendships online.

It’s clear that growing up with the internet is changing the way in which friendships and relationships develop.

However, the majority of the young people surveyed reported positive outcomes from their time online, with 74 per cent stating that they felt inspired, while 82 per cent reported feeling excited by what they’d encountered while using the internet in the past week.

By contrast, 56 per cent said they felt sad, while 52 per cent were left feeling angry by things they saw online in that period.

Will Gardner, a director at the UK Safer Internet Centre and CEO of Childnet, commented: “We want to make sure that every young person feels equipped and empowered to make positive decisions when interacting online – be it on gaming sites, messaging apps or social sharing platforms.”

For schools that need additional support to deliver sessions relating to technology, PPA cover could be an option to consider.

A recent survey by Barnardo’s highlighted the detrimental effect social media can have on young people’s mental health, with the charity finding that 12 per cent of children were worried about online bullying, while 15 per cent revealed that they had been troubled by something they encountered on social media.

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