Survey Shows British Parents Do Not Do Enough Homework With Kids

The importance of doing homework with children has been highlighted after a recent survey revealed British parents are among the worst at helping their children with their studies.

Education charity Varkey Foundation looked at 27,000 mothers and fathers in 29 countries, and found parents in the UK spend 3.6 hours a week helping their youngsters with homework. This is compared with Indian parents who spend 12 hours per week, the Daily Mail revealed.

The report revealed 11 per cent of British parents spend more than an hour a day doing homework with their children, while 23 per cent do not help their little ones at all.

Head of the organisation Vikas Pota was quoted as saying: “The fact that Indian parents are almost six times more likely to spend an hour a day helping their child is sobering.”

In addition to this, the survey revealed how British parents really think about the importance of university. Just 32 per cent regard higher education as a priority, which, along with France, is the lowest of all the countries in the report

Instead, many believe their children would have a brighter future if they concentrated on getting a good job rather than attending university.

These parents are sure to be supportive of the government’s plans to provide better careers advice to young people and teach them about difference job choices they could have when they grow up.

The Careers Strategy aims to give realistic expectations and aspirations to youngsters so they can “go as far as their talents will take them”.

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