Sport ‘A Necessity’ In Schools

Providing high-quality sporting opportunities in schools of all sizes and for pupils of all ages is a necessity and should be considered an entitlement in our schools.

That’s the opinion of Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) general secretary Geoff Barton, who wrote for the TES that sport has a number of benefits for pupils, including boosting their confidence and helping them develop leadership skills.

He commented that being physically active isn’t just important for our health, but also for “who we are as human beings”. He added that it’s vital to “our sense of self, our self-control, our social interactions, our mental wellbeing”.

Mr Barton noted that he didn’t have the most positive experience of sport when he was at school himself, but that he came to realise the value of PE when we was head teacher of a school that became a sports college.

He also cited figures from the Youth Sport Trust Impact Report, which was published recently, to show why sport is so important to our education system.

The report noted that just 22 per cent of children aged five to 15 in England meet the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of doing 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.

According to the organisation, failing to be physically active when we’re young has a range of impacts, including the rising rates of obesity, the growing number of people reporting mental health issues and the fact that 61 per cent of businesses feel that young people do not have the required reliance or self-management skills when they enter work.

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