Duchess Of Cornwall Reminds Children About Importance Of Reading

The Duchess of Cornwall has spoken out about the importance of reading to children ahead of World Book Day.

Later this week (March 1st), schools around the UK will celebrate World Book Day, with children dressing up as their favourite storybook characters all over the country.

Showing her support of the national event, Camilla wrote in the Sunday Express that it is a “timely reminder of how important books and reading are, especially for children”.

She stated: “It is vital for children in their education and as they take their place in the grown-up world.”

While reading is fundamental to learn about new facts and information, the Duchess also recognised that books can help children build their imaginations and “get their brains buzzing unlike anything else”.

She also encouraged parents and grandparents to read to youngsters every single day, not just on World Book Day. Not only does it provide “an invaluable life skill” but it helps create a special bond between them.

Books are also known to develop life and social skills, particularly compassion and empathy, and EmpathyLab recently revealed 30 of the best books that help children understand the feelings and emotions of others.

Among the picture books selected were Perfectly Norman, You’re Safe With Me, King of the Sky, and Grandad’s Island.

The organisation noted that teachers and parents are increasingly worried about the effect of social media on children, as it seems to reduce their ability to be empathic towards others. However, it stated that books can help to combat this.

Many schools offer PPA cover in Manchester that provide valuable activities to encourage many skills in children, including reading.

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