Creative Arts Subjects ‘Being Cut Back’

A new BBC survey has revealed that creative arts in secondary schools appears to be suffering, with nine out of every ten schools saying they’ve had to cut back on staff, lesson time or facilities in at least one of these subjects.

The most common reasons for cutting back in this area were found to be funding pressures and more focus on core academic subjects. Amanda Spielman, Ofsted chief, has said that academic subjects are the best route to going on to higher education, especially for children from working class backgrounds.

For both art and music, the study found that one in ten schools are now increasingly having to rely on voluntary donations from parents. And extracurricular clubs are also now being slashed in a similar proportion of schools.

Musician and head teacher at Elizabeth Woodville school in Northamptonshire Jez Bennett told the news source: “I’ve had to make some decisions about whether I can afford to run certain classes, and I know that there are schools that have cut GCSEs in art, music, drama, photography.”

Further research from the Education Policy Institute shows that there has been a drop in the proportion of students taking at least once GCSE arts subject.

Late last year, UK Music head Michael Dugher said that the future of British music is at risk because there are fewer places on GCSE music courses being offered than ever before. He called on the government to make sure it doesn’t neglect music in schools, which is what is happening right now.

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