Church of England Under Attack By New Ofsted Head

The best PPA cover Birmingham has to offer is part and parcel of their educational experience for many of the children in our care.

Out of hours and extra-curricular care is an essential part of any school experience for many pupils, and it is essential that it is of the highest possible quality.

This is why the new chief Ofsted inspector has attacked The Church of England over its decision to block changes that would mean that Sunday schools were subject to inspections.

This happened back in 2016 when Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby intervened on plans the Government had proposed to make Ofsted inspections a requirement of any out-of-school activities, that took over six hours a week of the child’s time.

Amanda Spielman has called on ministers to update legislation to allow Ofsted to scrutinise places were children are educated outside of school hours or receive extra-curricular help.

Speaking at the Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership annual conference, Ms Spielman argued Ofsted should be let into these settings to “the small minority of settings that promote extremism are not able to evade scrutiny”.

This was as some parts of some faiths may use these settings to promote extremism or “beliefs and practices that are an anathema to British values,” she argued.

“If we are to tackle this practice effectively, we will require changes to legislation to give us better powers.”

The Church of England’s Chief Education officer has made it clear that the church should not ‘shy away’ from challenging inappropriate belief systems, in response to the talk by Amanda Speilman.

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