How Can You Make Language Teaching More Effective?

There is a widely held belief that the younger you start learning a foreign language, the more likely you are to remember it and master it as you get older. While this is true to a certain extent, it relies on young children being exposed frequently to the second language – something that doesn’t typically […]

Many Children ‘Not School Ready’ At 5

In some parts of the UK as many as four in ten children aren’t considered to be school ready at the age of five, when they begin primary school. Across the country, an average of 29 per cent of children are assessed as “not having a sufficient level of development to be ‘school ready’”, charity […]

Quarter Of Children Under Six Have Smartphones

The age at which children are receiving their own smartphone is getting younger all the time, and new research has found that a quarter of kids under six now have their own handheld device. Research conducted by musicMagpie reported that nearly half of these spend 21 hours a week on their smartphones and eight out […]

How To Support Teachers In Sats Season

As we move into the final term of the school year, pupils in Year 6 classrooms up and down the UK will be preparing to sit their Sat exams – a time that can be stressful for them as well as for their teachers. Writing for the Times Educational Supplement (TES) recently, one headteacher offered […]

How Parents Can Help Kids Develop STEM Skills

While teachers and schools will do everything they can to help the children they teach develop their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills, including by making use of PPA cover in Manchester where it’s appropriate, there are things parents can be doing too. A recent article in The Conversation highlighted five things parents can […]

Primary School Teaching Mandarin

It’s well known that it’s difficult for primary schools to include many additional subjects outside of the school curriculum, which can include foreign languages. However, it’s also acknowledged that learning a language from a young age can be incredibly beneficial. One primary school has started teaching its year five pupils Mandarin, using an innovative programme […]

Sport ‘A Necessity’ In Schools

Providing high-quality sporting opportunities in schools of all sizes and for pupils of all ages is a necessity and should be considered an entitlement in our schools. That’s the opinion of Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) general secretary Geoff Barton, who wrote for the TES that sport has a number of benefits for […]